Tips for managing your supply chain

Tips for managing your supply chain

With COVID-19 challenging British supply chains like never before, TFC, the leading supplier of fasteners and supply chain solutions, shares its guidance for manufacturers on supply chain management.

The impact of the pandemic has been felt by many businesses, resulting in a multitude of supply chain problems. Aside from new working practices, these include overstocking, a lack of storage space and difficulty sourcing the parts needed to keep production running.

Even the smallest, cheapest component can cause production downtime if not delivered on time. This can damage a manufacturer’s reputation if assemblies are not delivered to schedule.


Consolidating your suppliers can enhance profit margins and help you meet production key performance indicators (KPIs). TFC can help you scale down your supply base so that you can reduce administrative costs while maintaining a constant flow of parts.


At TFC, we have adapted how we work to support the implementation of social distancing guidance and workplace safety. As a result, more processes are moving online and we can offer overnight installations, bin pre-stocking and pre-labelling to help you access the parts you need safely.

TFC has the experience and ability to adapt to your needs while working closely with you to monitor your top KPIs, ensuring optimum performance.


Some manufacturers may be finding it difficult to get the parts needed or face higher costs if buying in smaller volumes. TFC purchases on behalf of numerous businesses from globally sourced suppliers, meaning that we can pass on valuable cost reductions to our customers.

If you need to get your supply chain moving again or you’re struggling to access the parts you need, TFC’s vendor managed inventory (VMI) solutions can help you improve efficiency while reducing cost. Offering a comprehensive C-part supply solution, our system is designed to improve production performance, delivering exactly what you need, when you need it.