Vendor Managed Inventory

VMI made easy

Our supply chain assist expertise provides significant benefits to customers by reducing costs associated with the purchase, stock holding and handling of a wide range of low-cost fastening and ancillary items. With a reduced supplier base, minimal inventory, direct to the line quality approved products immediately at hand, customers are able to remove a whole variety of hidden administration and transaction costs.

Since our supply chain assist services have always recognised that a 'one-size-fits-all'  approach is not the answer, our logistic systems have been designed to offer a flexible supply chain management system that caters for specific customer requirements whether it is a simple fax/e-mail request or an on-site bin location operation. TFC’s flexible supply chain management dispensation systems are enhanced by on-site vending solutions.

Our technical team is happy to work behind the scenes advising more effective quality approved fastening solutions and to offer customers the benefit of a rationalised product range and an improved finished product.

Our global presence means we can support customers' products and supply chain assistant needs, wherever they are based throughout the world, with the personal relationship of a local supplier.

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