TFC's Multi-level kits &  Parts kitting service

Our parts kitting service is used to supply complex, multi-level kits of parts for our OEM customers. Computer controlled systems ensure all components and assemblies involved in a kit are purchased, manufactured and kitted together in accordance with the customer's specification.

About our multi-level kits of parts

Our stringent quality system ensures the multi-level kits of parts are produced correctly and in accordance with the customer's specification at every stage of the process which is quality controlled to ensure 100% conformance.

The advantages of our parts kitting service to the customer are significant:

  • Reduced Purchasing Activity - only one part number is required to be ordered
  • Faster Goods Receipt - Only one line is required to be booked in rather than multiple lines, saving time if the goods are to be warehoused.
  • Reduced Supplier Management - our parts kitting service will reduce the number of suppliers needed.
  • Improved Productivity - Improved material supply will reduce non-productive time wasted looking for individual components.
  • Reduced Purchase Ledger Activity - Less part numbers results in less invoices.

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