Quick Connectors

ARaymond™ Quick Connectors are widely used in the automotive industry to provide a fast and easy connection for all types of fluid lines.
They ensure robust connection while helping to reach cost, space and weight savings for automotive manufacturers.
As a pioneer in plastic Quick Connectors, ARaymond™ developed and patented our first 2-button QC more than 20 years ago. Since then, a constant care in answering customer requirements and anticipating the automotive industry evolution have enriched our expertise and leadership in this field, and drive us to design always more innovative solutions.

  • Manufactured in plastic for reduced weight and corrosion resistance
  • Helps meet environmental requirements / Emissions.
  • Reduces assembly cycle time and increases productivity: no tool required to disconnect in aftermarket applications.
  • Integrated functions such as shut-off valve, calibrated valve, one-way-valve, pressure regulator valve, integrated pressure check valve.
  • Critical cleanliness guaranteed on all quick connectors.

These products are available in various configurations: geometry, o-ring material, locking mechanism, assembly check options, integrated functions (sensing, valves), end piece types or diameters, to adapt to any situation for all automotive applications.

Design & Orientation

In order to meet automotive market requirements and to OEM specifications, ARaymond™ Quick Connectors offer a wide variety of designs and orientations. The different locking systems of our Quick Connectors (2 buttons, RayLOCK®, Push2Lock®¦) let us respond to the constraints of channel mounting, reduced accessibility, or the need for assembly checking. Our locks also enable the attachment of different types of end pieces conforming to international standards, such as the SAE J2044 standards, VDA standards.

Our Quick Connectors are available in a wide range of orientations from 0° to 90°. The multi-way connectors adapt to geometrically-complex situations

Flexible Lock Position

Our different locking systems can also be rotated for easier accessibility.

The button or locker feature can be offered in various rotated positions for accessibility issues.

For 1 button, 2 button, RayLOCK®, P2L® and VDA QC.


The range of quick connectors that we propose to you meets international standards such as the SAE J2044 standard, VDA standards, or European standards. Our quick connectors are available in a wide variety of diameters, from 6.30 mm - 1/4 SAE to 69 mm. Our quick connectors are compatible with all types of tubes, such as polyamide tubes or rubber hoses, whatever the diameter. We also offer connection solutions by welding for polyamide tubes.

If you have elevated cleanliness requirements, our quick connectors can be assembled in a gray room. The ARaymond network supplies 100% traceability on its products, from the primary materials that arrive in its factories to the finished products that are delivered to the customer. Our quick connectors benefit from a laser marking which assures a complete traceability for fifteen years (primary material lot number, production date¦)

Assembly Checking Devices

An entire range of accessories for our quick connectors is available as well. You will find accessories like plugs or protection capsules, which limit the risks of contamination during transport. Accessories like assembly checks, double locks, or spring-off elements, which allow for visual control on the correct insertion of the end piece.

Send us your enquiry by downloading the ARaymond Quick Connectors Form and sending it to our technical support team via this link.