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Seals & O Rings Suppliers UK

As one of the leading Seals O Ring Suppliers in the UK, TFC is partnered with a number of quality sealing solution providers to bring a wide range of Seals & O Rings.

Our products are designed to secure two or more mechanical parts in static or dynamic applications. Also, our Seals & O Rings have easy mounting requirements, are reliable, cost-effective and still one of the most secure options for machinists.

Being one of the leading Seals & O Rings suppliers in the UK, TFC offers a range of supplies to suit your needs. We have Back-Up Rings, Imperial Bonded Seals, Metric Bonded seals, Imperial Sealing Washers, Metric Copper Sealing Washers, Metal seals, Imperial O Rings, Metric O Rings, PTFE Rotary Shaft Seals, PTFE Spring Energised Seals, Rotary Shaft Seals and Shaft Repair Kits.

See our range of Seals & O Rings listed below. Can™t find what you™re looking for? Please contact us here.