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Fast, safe and reliable connections for fluid handling systems.

Appearing in the majority of the fluid transfer lines in the automotive market, ARaymond™ Quick Connectors provide solutions adapted to the constraints and requirements of today’s industries. Quick connectors bring many technical solutions for fluid connections in HVAC (Heating, ventilation and Air-Conditioning) and Sanitation responding to the applicable standard requirements of these sectors.

quick connector detail
  • Manufactured in plastic for reduced weight end corrosion resistance
  • Helps meet environmental requirements / Emissions.
  • A very compact and short connector, easy for use.
  • Reduces assembly cycle time and increases productivity: no tool required to disconnect in aftermarket applications.
  • Variety of angles (0° – 30° – 35° – 45° – 55° – 65° – 90° – 3 way QCs), diameters (from 6,3 to 56mm), fluids (fuel, water, oil, air & vacuum…).
  • Variety of performances which depend on type of fluid, diameter, temperature (from -40 to +125°) and pressure (from -1 to +10 bars).
  • Versatility of our quick connectors: Integrated functions such as shut-off valve, calibrated valve, one-way-valve, pressure regulator valve, integrated pressure check valve.
  • Critical cleanliness guaranteed on all quick connectors.
  • Assembly proofing devices.

TFC’s dedicated team of engineers can support your connector configuration. Please send all specifications and information relating to your operating conditions to design@tfc.eu.com.