Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Services and Solutions

Benefit from production efficiency and cost savings with our bespoke Vendor Managed Inventory Services

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), also known as Direct Line Feed (DLF), with TFC provides a streamlined system tailored to significantly improve production performance, delivering exactly what you need, when you need it.

Our expertise in VMI provides significant benefits to customers by reducing costs associated with the purchase, stock holding and handling of a wide range of low-cost fastening and ancillary items. With a reduced supplier base, minimal inventory, direct to the line quality approved products immediately at hand, customers are able to remove a whole variety of hidden administration and transaction costs.

We recognise that a one-size-fits-all approach to VMI is not the answer, and so our logistic systems have been designed to offer a flexible management system that suits your specific needs. Enquire about our VMI services today.

During the Covid-19 period we have adapted to new conditions by providing increased health and safety measures, electronic paperwork and non-contact deliveries to exact internal locations specified by you.

Vendor Managed Inventory Services (VMI) with TFC™

  • On-time production
  • Smarter stockholding
  • Reduction in supply base
  • Positive cash flow benefits
  • Highly experienced VMI logistics advisors
  • Expert support and a dedicated account manager
  • Vendor Managed Inventory Services (VMI) with TFC™The Group offer product expertise and technical design capability and we support stock rationalisation and standardisation reviews through our on-going review process or RFQ
  • Our team give continuous support including regular business reviews and cost management proposals for
    resourcing alternative supply options
  • Our Site Audit Surveys are undertaken by an experienced VMI advisor
  • Our JIT solutions aim to reduce flow times within customer production systems and help control variation in processes, allowing an increase in productivity while lowering costs, similar to Lean production systems.

Our reputation has been built, above all, on the quality of our products and the level of technical and logistic services. Our mission is to provide an outstanding contribution to our customer™s success by supplying innovative products and services in all areas where we can add value and help our customers improve their business. Whether it is a simple threaded bolt or a complex bespoke product made to customer drawing specifications, our quality assured fasteners are guaranteed to provide the perfect solution to your fastening needs.

  • Bolts & Socket Screws in various grades
  • Nuts, Washers, Rivets & Screws of all types
  • Circlips, Springs, Keys and Seals
  • Threaded Inserts - for plastics, timber & metal
  • Electronic Hardware - standoffs, handles, ferrules
  • Construction Fixings - anchors, through bolts, resin
  • Panel, Wire & Pipe Fasteners
  • Sheet Metal Fasteners - self-clinch & rivet bushes
  • Bearings
  • Seals and O-Rings
  • Machined and turned parts to specification
  • Tools, PPE & Consumables

With decades of experience, TFC is the leading European supplier of Smalley Spirolox Retaining Rings, Snap Rings and Wave Springs. Local stock availability and engineering design support from all TFC locations.

What is VMI?

Vendor managed inventory (VMI) is a system where manufacturers outsource inventory management to a third party.

The third-party vendor takes full responsibility for the optimisation and management of the customer’s inventory. The vendor ensures that the right parts, fixings, consumables, material, and other products are delivered to the right locations at the right time, providing timely stock replenishment in-line with the predefined delivery schedule.

What are the benefits of using VMI?

Vendor consolidation can significantly simplify inventory management. With TFC VMI, manufacturers will have a dedicated account manager, but will also benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a multi-disciplinary team.

TFC VMI allows manufacturers to:

  • Streamline their supply chain through vendor rationalisation
  • Continually monitor stock usage, allowing for adjustments as necessary
  • Ensure continuity of supply, mitigating risk to the business
  • Purchase parts for lower prices from the VMI provider due to its industry relations
  • Reduce direct and indirect costs through process improvements and product standardisation
  • Free up valuable warehouse & storage space & reallocate a workforce
  • Manufacture quality assured products with full batch traceability knowing TFC have quality approved your requirements before supplying them
  • Ensure end to end supply chain management
  • Benefit from a VMI solution that is tailored to their specific needs

What should I consider when setting up a VMI system?

Look for a VMI partner that takes the time to understand your unique requirements, including material flow and the type and number of parts needed. A VMI system tailored to the exact requirements of your business will produce the best results.

When adopting a VMI system, remember that the service may need to evolve as the company grows. Choosing a VMI supplier that provides flexible VMI systems, good lines of communication, and access to a global market means that the partner can scale its service based on your needs, driving continuous improvement.

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What our Customers Say

"We chose TFC for our VMI system as they proved themselves to be superior in all aspects when compared to the offerings from other companies"

Construction and agricultural customer

Vendor Managed Inventory Case Studies

TFC work with a number of VMI customers in the UK and mainland Europe. Below is a selection of Case Studies showing successful outcomes for customers across a range of different industry sectors.

VMI Case Study - Electronic Equipment / Power & Technology Solutions

Customer Challenge As a successful British manufacturer for over 30 years, supplying power and technology solutions into the fast-moving commercial office furniture environment, the management team were faced with a growing logistical problem. The purchasing and handling of over 400 stock lines of category-C fastener products was becoming more and more challenging. Regular stock shortages […]

VMI Case Study - Fluid Transfer / Valves

Customer Challenge The successful growth from a small to a medium-sized manufacturer brought many additional logistics headaches for the purchasing department, particularly in the procurement of low-cost C-class fastener products. Not only was valuable time spent negotiating with a broad base of single component suppliers, but the warehouse team were constantly under pressure from production […]

VMI Case Study - Electronic Equipment / Industrial Connectors

Customer Challenge Despite having set a goal to replace a traditional in-house stores and withdrawal facility with a Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) based system, the need for full batch traceability on the small component items sourced posed a major problem for a leading manufacturer of military and industrial connectors. TFC Solution Having been a leading […]

Vendor Managed Inventory News

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From construction site to production line

Building prefabricated modules off-site can speed up the construction process by as much as 50 percent and cut costs by up to 20 percent, according to a 2019 report by McKinsey & Company. So, is now the time to embrace modular construction? Here Mark Degnan, territory manager at TFC, explores how we can bring the […]

Supply chain: the pressure’s on

The phrase “just in time supply chain” probably meant nothing to the average consumer before the coronavirus pandemic. However, the empty supermarket shelves have shone a spotlight on British supply chains like never before. Here Keith Kentish, group commercial director at TFC, leading supplier of fasteners and supply chain solutions, shares guidance for manufacturers on […]

Our 10 key adaptations to VMI...

Since our last update, we've been working on ways we can support customers and their Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) supply chain systems during the Covid-19 pandemic. Crises such as this shine an innovative and brighter light on system and process changes to maintain continuity and even build business going forward. We believe these changes could […]

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