Tri-Vend: Intelligent Industrial Inventory

Industrial Vending Machine Servicing

With TFC's vending machine servicing and vending solutions, our robust hardware and secure software make it easy to introduce accountability and control to your processes which in-turn can drive dramatic cost savings.

In partnership with a worldwide value leader for Industrial Vending Machine Servicing and Automated Point-of-Work solutions, TFC's Tri-Vend solutions can provide low-cost cloud-based solutions for consumables, tools, parts and other manufacture critical materials.

Image of vending machines on our vending machine services page.Potential cost savings:

  • Control product usage
  • Reduction in consumption (25% to 40%)
  • Reduction in inventory levels, improved inventory turn rates
  • Reduction of product retrieval and waiting times
  • Elimination of stock outs and obsolete inventory
  • Reduced procurement costs
  • 24/7/365 Availability of accurate, real-time usage, inventory and restocking information.


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