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Fast, accurate alignment of structural fixings

TFC Alignment Washers provide the best solution for contractors needing to anchor non-aligned structures reducing the risk of costly downtime as a result of misalignment by offering a cost-effective alternative to modification of the fixing bracket or re-drilling the anchor positions.

LOW COST  no need to resort to expensive measures, this system is low cost

EASY TO FIT  the alignment washer has a countersunk hole which provides a good seating for a standard self-mix injection nozzle. A series of passageways ensure that the various gaps are fully filled with resin

FAST  the bolts can be locked off in minutes

ADJUSTABLE tolerances of up to 25mm allow the position of almost any bolted or anchored connection to be adjusted, avoiding re-bar

ACCURATE  once correctly positioned, the oversized or slotted holes are filled with high strength, rapid setting resin, locking the element so that no further movements occur

FAILSAFE  once the resin has set, it completely locks the joint to ensure that no movement occurs in any situation, including load reversal. TFC has found Fischer FISV360S to be the best performing resin during testing

RANGE  both circular and rectangular washers are available to suit M10, 12, 16 and M20 bolts/anchors

LONG-LASTING  each washer has galvanized corrosion protection

QUICK DELIVERY  as a stock item, this allows us to provide a quick order turnaround anywhere in the UK

"Such a simple and cost-effective solution to the alignment issues we encountered during build"
 Curtain Wall installer


See our brief demo video to find out more about how Alignment Washers work:

Reducing risk of Installation Downtime

Misaligned structural fittings can halt construction works and cause expensive delays it can cost an average of over £12,000 for every lost working day, Alignment Washers help to reduce these delays and save on associated costs.

"So quick and easy to use will definitely consider for any future projects"
Curtain Wall installer

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