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3 weeks ago

TFC ready for take off in airline industry

TFC Ltd wide range of fixings, fasteners, Smalley Crest-to-Crest® Wave Springs and retaining rings are already used in many industries over a variety of applications. Recently the world of avionics have become aware of the benefits of using TFC’s wave springs and retaining rings for use in lighting, heating and air-conditioning systems. 

Various aircraft manufacturers have approached TFC to supply wave spring and retaining ring components for use in aircraft Passenger Service Units (PSU).  These units allow passengers to control local environment and entertainment systems.
The Smalley Crest to Crest Wave Springs and retaining rings are used to secure the PSU; preloading the lighting, heating and air-conditioning elements in the panels above the passenger seats.    
The Crest to Crest Wave Springs are also used in the lighting housing component.  The reduced dimensions of the spring enable the lighting mechanism to be designed with a smaller footprint and offer a greater degree of movement, allowing the light to be more accurately focused in an area of choice by the passenger, providing a comfortable and unobtrusive level of illumination.  
The Crest to Crest Wave Springs and retaining rings have brought similar benefits of control and functionality to the heating and air-conditioning systems on aircraft such as the A380 Airbus and private passenger jets. 
The TFC Smalley Crest to Crest Wave Spring and retaining rings add flexibility to design with an increased range of sizes and dimensions, all of which can be supplied at short notice.  For further information about TFC's Wave Springs, retaining rings or any other products in its catalogue, go to the TFC website: or contact TFC directly to discuss your requirements or order a catalogue.

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