Custom Retaining Rings and Wave Springs

Some applications will demand a Retaining Ring or Wave Spring to meet application-specific requirements. Our No Tooling cost process provides an economical option to produce a custom Ring or Spring that meets your exact specification.

Customisable Features

Retaining Rings Wave Springs
Load and Rotational Capacity Spring Force
Tolerances Cycle Life
End Configurations Spring Work Height
Diameters - from 4mm to 3000mm Diameters - from 4mm to 3000mm
Radial Wall or Wire Thickness Radial Wall or Wire Thickness
Material Material
Finishes Finishes
Quality Assurance Procedures/Certifications Quality Assurance Procedures/Certifications

Submit your requirements

TFC engineers are available for design consultations. Send us your requirements and we will design or recommend the best solution for your application.




A common misconception of custom designs is the cost. Because of Smalley's unique manufacturing process, application-specific retaining rings or wave springs can be an economical solution for your unique needs. We have the flexibility to manufacture products at a minimal cost. This means that during the prototype stage we can produce alternative designs with no tooling modifications.

It's not uncommon to produce one prototype for evaluation and subsequently make dimensional adjustments for a second single prototype. That's two setups and a final product produced quickly and economically.

Rapid Availability

With our manufacturing partner, Smalley, we are able to produce custom rings or springs using a wide variety of readily available materials or can produce custom raw material sizes to meet delivery requirements. For customers who use just-in-time inventory control, we offer to stock parts for immediate shipment, ready for the next purchase order or blanket order release.

Short Lead Time

Whether you are looking for prototypes, short-runs or high volumes, we allow for custom designs to be manufactured in a timely fashion. Since no custom dies or forming tools are necessary for custom rings or springs, prototypes can be designed and produced in days, not weeks.

CAD Downloads

We know how important it is to visualize your design, so we offer CAD models for our entire product line. All of our standard parts are available for download from our  CAD library. If you're looking at a custom design, you can always request a custom CAD model when you're working with our Technical Team.

Download a CAD Model