VMI Case Study - Electronic Equipment / Industrial Connectors

Customer Challenge

Despite having set a goal to replace a traditional in-house stores and withdrawal facility with a Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) based system, the need for full batch traceability on the small component items sourced posed a major problem for a leading manufacturer of military and industrial connectors.

TFC Solution

Having been a leading supplier for almost 40 years, TFC were fully aware of their customer's unique requirements. The flexible solution was offered by providing advanced delivery notes containing TFC batch trace codes which allowed the VMI parts to be pre-booked and loaded into the appropriate VMI bins as required.

Customer Outcome

The flexibility of TFC˜s approach to their unique problem has resulted in a streamlined VMI stock system for standard/regular parts that has reduced overstocks and stock shortages, allowing the customer to boost the quality of their service, improve internal efficiency and reduce costs by not having to deal with multiple suppliers of relatively low priced items.

Vendor Managed Inventory