Technical Case Study - Construction / Alignment Washers

Customer Challenge

Problems occurred on a major office block construction site when it was discovered not all the anchor points for the curtain walling fixings were in alignment due to hidden re-bars within the concrete plinth on which the walling was positioned.

TFC Solution

TFC Alignment Washers were recommended since they provided a fast low cost means of adjusting the position of the bolted connection. By simply re-drilling the anchoring hole away from the re-bars, drilling an over-sized hole in the fixing brackets and utilising the appropriate sized alignment washer, all the corresponding fixing points were now aligned. Once all the fixings were tightened to the correct specification an approved resin was injected into the bolted assemblies to provide a permanent weatherproof and fireproof joint.

Customer Outcome

Prior to using Alignment Washers, the solution to misalignment problems was proving inordinate with an average cost of over £12,000 per day in downtime. Other methodology was expensive, slow and required a high degree of site expertise but, the TFC solution required minimal expertise and installation was simple and foolproof.