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Technical Case Study - Automation / Robotics

Customer Challenge The manufacturer of miniature robotic systems was faced with a problem when trying to introduce pre-loading of some miniature bearings in an exoskeleton application. Because the assembly relied upon ultra-thin wall bearings, the supporting bearing faces were little more than 1 mm wide and the axial space for the pre-load assembly was extremely […]

Technical Case Study - Automotive / Motorsport

Customer Challenge The world of motorsport presents designers with some specific challenges and when a leading manufacturer of specialist gear technology was faced with circlip failure on an idler shaft, an alternative solution was required. It was discovered the 25mm diameter shaft intermittently exceeded over 15,000 r.p.m causing the conventional snap-ring, responsible for maintaining the […]

Technical Case Study - Oil & Gas / Sub-Sea isolation valves

Customer Challenge A leading manufacturer of sub-sea isolation valves planned to install upper and lower completions in a challenging deep-water environment. An isolation barrier valve was used in order to isolate the reservoirs before running the upper completions. This required increased force in the assembly to open/close the seal faces of the in-line ball valve […]

Technical Case Study - Electronic Equipment / Microphones

Aesthetics and practicality were combined when Aston Microphones specified a bespoke design of our Smalley Crest-to-Crest® type Wave Spring during the development of their Origin microphone range. Aston designers were impressed with the appearance of these unique products which unusually were being used as a protector for the gauze core containing the fragile capsule within. […]

Technical Case Study - Construction / Alignment Washers

Customer Challenge Problems occurred on a major office block construction site when it was discovered not all the anchor points for the curtain walling fixings were in alignment due to hidden re-bars within the concrete plinth on which the walling was positioned. TFC Solution TFC Alignment Washers were recommended since they provided a fast low […]

VMI Case Study - Electronic Equipment / Power & Technology Solutions

Customer Challenge As a successful British manufacturer for over 30 years, supplying power and technology solutions into the fast-moving commercial office furniture environment, the management team were faced with a growing logistical problem. The purchasing and handling of over 400 stock lines of category-C fastener products was becoming more and more challenging. Regular stock shortages […]

VMI Case Study - Fluid Transfer / Valves

Customer Challenge The successful growth from a small to a medium-sized manufacturer brought many additional logistics headaches for the purchasing department, particularly in the procurement of low-cost C-class fastener products. Not only was valuable time spent negotiating with a broad base of single component suppliers, but the warehouse team were constantly under pressure from production […]

VMI Case Study - Electronic Equipment / Industrial Connectors

Customer Challenge Despite having set a goal to replace a traditional in-house stores and withdrawal facility with a Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) based system, the need for full batch traceability on the small component items sourced posed a major problem for a leading manufacturer of military and industrial connectors. TFC Solution Having been a leading […]