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Welcome to TFC

From the very beginning TFC's founders in Heathfield, Sussex were determined to help equipment designers by supplying technical fasteners enabling them to design a better product and to generate more profits for their companies. Half a century later this same approach means that TFC helps not only the designer but also the buyer, and the operations teams by providing a wide variety of fastener and related components via automated and sophisticated supply systems that enable lean manufacturing goals to be met and our customers to improve their profits.

In so doing TFC's high quality supply chain management service has made us one of the leading fastener suppliers in Europe supplying over 3,000 customers, employing over 100 people, working out of a national and European network of logistic service centres as well as being able to support global customers in their manufacturing plants anywhere in the world.

Over 3000 customers
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Blue person Hand pointing right employing over 100 people




National distribution established with ITW United Kingdom

1980 & 82

Sole distribution established with wellworthy Spirolox 1980 Euro distribution established with Smalley Stell Ring Co 1982

1986 & 93

Compass point Founded in Heathfield 1986, formed in Germany 1993


Technical components supplied to 40 countries worldwide


2007 - TFC subject to a bimbo David Hale retires Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star Star


Start up A spinning piece of pie 2007 - Essex service centre start up


Automated DLF established

2008 & 2009

2008 - Acquisition in Walsall TFC Midlands Global DLF in plant service formed 2009 Aeroplane


2011 - New technical fasteners business


2011 - Yorkshire based engineering services


TFC Midlands Relocate

TFC's Mission

Our reputation has been built, above all, on the quality of our products and the level of technical and logistic services. Our mission is to provide an outstanding contribution to our customer's success by supplying innovative products and services in all areas where we can add value and help our customers improve their business.

TFC's Mission

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